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We are a group of dedicated builders working towards our shared goal of building brilliant homes, every time. We take on projects of all sizes, and are equipped to handle each custom build with the care and attention each requires. With decades of experience between the members of our team, Cherry Lane Homes prides itself on the quality of finished projects, as seen in our Gallery and Featured Homes pages.

Cherry Lane Homes is led by Peter Teschner, a Red Seal certified carpenter and a Building Construction Technician, who has been in the construction industry with high qualifications, expertise and experience for over thirty years. Peter is driven by his passion for quality craftsmanship, bringing together a collective of experts for each new project to see that every build is completed to strict standards. With his carefully selected group of trades companies, Peter strives to provide a budget for each project that is realistic and a true value for the work being done, especially when compared to other construction companies. An accurate budget helps to avoid unforeseen costs that may arise during the construction process – by providing a true estimate, Peter keeps his projects on-time and on-budget without ever sacrificing quality.

Beyond the construction, Peter believes in building a relationship with his clients. Not only does it make the entire process of custom builds less stressful, it facilitates an open dialogue between the builder and buyer, ensuring the finished product is a reflection of the client’s original vision for their home. With a hands-on approach to building, Peter is able to efficiently and effectively construct homes, while maintaining that communication channel with his clients during, and long after, the build process.

When quality is important, you need a builder that isn’t just experienced, but values the details of a build as much as you do. At Cherry Lane Homes, that is exactly what you get – a team that is wholeheartedly dedicated to determining and creating the home of your dreams, at the highest standards in the industry. When quality matters, you can rely on Peter Teschner and the team at Cherry Lane Homes!

Peter was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 4. Peter knew at a very young age he wanted to build homes when he grew up as he recalled that elated feeling his parents felt when they bought their first new home. The fresh smell of a newly constructed home, the aroma of wood and fresh paint still brings back the nostalgic feeling for Peter. His passion for building, his meticulous attention to details, and his professional workmanship leads to the final product when the keys are finally handed over to the owners of the new home brings the most gratifying satisfaction to Peter that is an overwhelming joy, and indescribable desire to just start all over again…. to build another custom home, to build another relationship, to build another dream! To give another happy client a place to call home! Outside of work Peter spends time with his wife Teresa wake surfing on the lake, golfing, travelling, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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Peter Teschner

President – Founder

Teresa May Teschner  is the networking queen, always busy going from one event to another, talking to others about the great homes Cherry Lane Homes build! Her strength is relationship building; with friends or clients. She is proud of  Peter Teschner and his team and has no problem letting others know the possibilities of their dream homes.

Teresa is passionate about her community and loves to volunteer wherever she is needed. From serving meals at the Gospel Mission, or sorting shoes at the Shoe Bank, to being on the board of directors for the Fat Cat Children’s Festival, and starting a fundraising initiative for Canadian Mental Health – you will find Teresa involved in as many community events as possible. She feels that volunteerism is a means of fulfilling one’s emotional well-being. With two grown children, Teresa now has even more time to give back to the community she loves.

Teresa’s motto is carpe the @#!% out of the diem! She believes in living every day to the fullest. If she is not on the lake wake surfing you will find her sky diving, flying in a glider plane, ultralight plane, hang gliding, paragliding, most of what would be on a person’s bucket list which Teresa considers her life list – all the things she will do while she is living. She has traveled to many countries and will continue to travelling to more each year.

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Teresa May Teschner

VP Marketing & Communications

Nic Teschner has been following in his father’s footsteps since he was a young boy, helping his dad at the job site. After graduation, he took up his studies at the Okanagan College so that he could work alongside with his father to be a part of the family business of Cherry Lane Homes. By the time he was 21, he built and owned his 5 bedroom home in Black Mountain. Nic became the supervisor at Cherry Lane Homes after 3 years of dedication and hard work. After he has successfully sold his first house, he has built his second house in Kettle Valley with Cherry Lane Homes.

Nic Teschner