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The process for Custom Builds at Cherry Lane Homes involves a series of meetings that are focused on imagining the possibilities for your new home, taking a concept to its fruition with the talents of several team members. From the first consultation, our goal is to ascertain the vision of our client, while preparing them for the coming decisions that will need to be made during the design process. We assist and take creative direction at every stage, in order to create a final home that matches the dream you had in your mind. Let’s break down a few stages of the process as a whole:


The first course of action is to find the lot that your home will reside on. This has many implications for the design process, as the shape and design of the home itself is contingent on the land that it is built upon. Through the first consultation, our designer will work closely with you to determine the specifications for the home, both the essentials and the non-essentials. We are intent on creating a realistic budget for every project, so our recommendations are key in shaping the build. Building materials are a large portion of the cost when building a new home, so deciding on your countertops and flooring will be key in determining your budget.


Once we have sketched out the mock-up for the home, having decided on the final designs for the home, we will begin planning for the build. There are many moving pieces when building a home, so there is a lot of planning that goes in before the workers begin construction. We are fortunate to have built a close relationship with several trades companies*, facilitating the reliable and quality construction and installation of each component in the home. We still receive estimates from separate companies to ensure the prices are competitive, however with our long-standing relationship we typically find our connections to be reciprocal, benefiting both of our businesses. This phase is complete when construction is fully planned, permitted, and ready to begin.

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At this point our experience begins to truly shine. With the talents of Peter Teschner, alongside crews from various trades that share our focus, Cherry Lane Homes builds a home for everyone involved to be proud of. Depending on the size of the project, this step may take the majority of the total time. Our careful planning and budgeting will have outlined the timeline for the project, so you may begin your own plans for moving and settling down in a beautiful and truly unique home

At the end of each build, we share the satisfaction of our client, celebrating the completion with our newfound friends! The feeling of wonder as you step inside your own custom-built home cannot be overstated, especially when you have an amazing team of certified building experts at your side for the entire process. Let us take the worry out of building, we believe in your vision, and our mission is to turn that into a reality.

We are always excited for our next project, big or small. Give Cherry Lane Homes a call at 250.869.9254 to begin building the home of your dreams!