"Peter is a very good guy, he is honest and trustworthy. We like him very much! He has become our friend. He has done many jobs for us, when we moved out of our house into our apartment, he did our renovations, painted the entire place, and did the outside work as well. When he gives us a price, he sticks with it. Peter does a good job on all the work he has done for us."  
"In 2005 I bought a spec home from Cherry Lane Home. Peter Teschner is a great builder to work with, he has a good sense of humour, easy to get along with and a very hardworking individual. I bought another home built by Peter when I sold the first one because I like the quality of homes he built so much."
Kyle Bilinski
"We approached Cherry Lane Homes in the middle of 2016 with general ideas as to what we wanted in our new home. Peter worked closely with his preferred designer, KS Designs to have our ideas put onto paper. From there Cherry Lane proceeded with the construction which was seamlessly executed. In a booming market, they managed to be on schedule and budget. After this positive experience we will be contracting Cherry Lane to design and build our next home."    
Jon & Kayla
"We were young and first time home buyers, Cherry Lane Homes made our dreams come true. Peter was very organized and quick to respond, he was organized and patient and helped us every step of the way. With our budget and our fast paced date of completion needs, Peter was able to be right on and came through for us. He is a reliable builder and easy to work with. We have been in our house for over two years and now been discussing with Cherry Lane Homes to build us the next one!"  
Kelly & Nic
"I have known Peter Teschner since 2001 as his sub trade doing exterior work on sidings and soffits. In 2012 I had my custom home built by Cherry Lane Homes. Peter was easy to work with as he is easy to get along with. I was very happy with the job done, as the budget was right on. Peter does a great job and pays attention to details in everything he touches."    
Andy Meissnitzer
"10 years ago I purchased from Cherry Lane Homes Ltd. I continue to appreciate the high standard of workmanship and quality materials put into my beautiful home. This company stands out for its excellence and integrity."    
Francis Pankiw
"My wife and I began working with Peter in May 2004 at the recommendation of our neighbour. We were immediately impressed by the homes Peter had built in the past; this man clearly came with years of experience under his belt! The build process went smoothly, from navigating the city building requirements to selecting the highest quality of materials, and we found ourselves feeling completely confident in Peter's hands. In February 2005, my wife and I were going through a difficult time and Peter made sure that our home was ready for us to move in. He helped us through a stressful time and into the home of our dreams. The greatest compliment we receive is the weekly knock on the door from complete strangers asking to buy our home! Of course, we tell them it's not for sale; we don't intend on ever moving."
D'Arcy O'Keefe