The 3 Steps of Building a Custom Home in Kelowna

The 3 Steps of Building a Custom Home in Kelowna

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So you want to build your very own custom home in the Okanagan?

Crafting your own living space from the ground up offers some amazing benefits and can be an extremely rewarding experience from start to finish. When our clients are first considering a new build, they often want to know what the process will entail and how involved they will be throughout. There are three major “phases” or steps to building a new custom home in Kelowna or the surrounding areas, which the Cherry Lane Homes team has outlined below.

It Starts with a Dream

The process of building your own unique home starts first in your mind. An idea or dream to create a custom building that is tailored to your every want and need is the spark that will fuel the entire project. For many homeowners, brainstorming and musing on what your ideal home will look like and what features it will include is one of the most entertaining parts of the process. Although this aspect of custom home building can be very enjoyable, it is also a crucial aspect that will be utilized in the first phase of building a Cherry Lane Home.

1.Conceiving Your Future Dream Home

Now that you have an idea of what your house might look like in your mind, you can gain an understanding of what size lot you might require. The lot you eventually select will shape the design of your future home. The very shape and function of the entire structure will be dependant on the land that it stands on.

Once you find a lot that is suitable for your dream home, you are ready for your first consultation with our team. You will work closely with our designer and determine the exact specifications of your home, weeding through the details of what is essential and what is not.

One of our biggest goals in this first phase is to let your imagination and creativity work synergistically with our design experience, creating a future masterpiece that will be forged within a realistic budget. The big concepts are important to decide on, however one of the most important areas that will affect the total cost of your home is the building materials that you decide on. Will you have real hardwood or laminate flooring? What will be the thickness of your granite countertops in your kitchen and will those counters also be utilized in the washrooms? We are very fortunate to have built many homes around Kelowna for various clients previously, which gives us the ability to offer insights and suggestions when it comes to the materials you ultimately select. Our team has witnessed many projects come to fruition before our eyes and have worked with just about every material you can think of.

2. Planning, Scheduling and Permitting

Once we have a general idea of what your custom home will look like and have created a mock-up, the “planning” phase of the build can begin. Building a custom home from the ground up is an extremely complicated process with many moving parts. Before construction can begin, everything must be planned in a meticulous manner, which will help to avoid future delays and miscommunications. This stage of building is where many mistakes can be made down the road, which end up being extremely costly to everyone involved. This is why Cherry Lane Homes ensures that every one of our projects is laid out and forecasted with surgeon-like precision.

With many years of experience in the industry, Cherry Lane has built close-knit relationships with the best trade companies in the Okanagan. This provides our clients with reliable services that produce structures of exceptional quality, with special attention paid to the installation of every single component. From the roof of your home to the foundation, we’ll ensure it’s quality. Although we trust our industry connections, we always receive outside quotations for every one of our customers, ensuring they are receiving the most competitive prices on the market. This planning phase ceases when every last detail is outlined and scheduled, with all the proper house building permits in place.

3. Finally, the Actual Construction Phase!

The dreaming, planning and decision making all leads up to this point. As a custom building company, this is our favourite aspect of every project, as we get to see our clients reactions when their visions begin to materialize before their eyes. The construction phase is a complete collaborative effort with numerous teams all working in unison to the beat of our leaders drum. Peter Teschner ensures that every step of the project is completed just as it was planned and that the final product is something that everyone involved will be proud of.

As your home begins to take shape, our careful planning and budgeting will give you peace of mind as you orchestrate your own process of moving you and your family into your masterpiece.  

Stepping Through the Door

Words cannot properly describe the emotions you will experience when you walk into the physical structure that started off as a mere pipedream in your mind. This is why we are in the custom home building business here at Cherry Lane Homes. The excitement and gratitude that we receive after the completion of a well thought out and planned project is what gets our team up in the morning. As a summarization, you could describe this entire process in a few simple words.

You dream it…we build it.

We will support and believe in your vision right from the beginning and promise to make the process of building a custom home near effortless for you as the future homeowner. Are you ready to start on the journey that will see all your wildest dreams come to life in Kelowna?

We are ready to start on your project today, no matter the size of your vision. Give us a call today to begin! (250)- 869- 9254

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