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Best Time of Year to Build or Sell a Custom Home

  Many of our clients at Cherry Lane Homes dream of their custom built property for many years before it actually comes to fruition, providing ample time to plan exactly when they want to break ground. We also have clients that have already built a home in the Okanagan but need to relocate to a […]

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Top Custom Home Trends for 2018

  If you are considering building your own custom home this year, you will want to dive into the stylistic trends that are influencing the market in 2018.   This is a great article for homeowners who are considering building their own custom residence for two reasons. One, it gives you and your loved ones […]


The 3 Steps of Building a Custom Home in Kelowna

  So you want to build your very own custom home in the Okanagan?   Crafting your own living space from the ground up offers some amazing benefits and can be an extremely rewarding experience from start to finish. When our clients are first considering a new build, they often want to know what the […]

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Gain Pride and Peace of Mind With Your Own Custom Home

4 Reasons Why Custom Built Homes Trump All Other Options on the Market   We all live in a constantly evolving environment, where customization and self expression are becoming increasingly prominent societal values. Our personal lives and businesses demand tailored solutions, where generic offerings now fall short. This applies to every facet of our lives, […]

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BC Wildfires- Is Your Home in the Okanagan Protected?

  The summer of 2017 has officially made it into the record books in British Columbia, but it was not a record many residents were hoping to surpass. This year has brought the worst wildfire season BC has ever experienced on record. Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent fighting the raging fires. […]